An obscure button on an old oscilloscope marked the beginnings of a rural Suffolk-based electronics company.

Back in the summer of 2011 whilst fault finding a pile of amplifier boards, Ben Fisher – the founder of Fisher Instruments – fell in love with the “component tester” function of an old Hameg oscilloscope. This function made it so fast and simple to find defective components that the idea was conceived to build a modern USB based “component tester” and get it into the hands of other electronics engineers.

Over several years a handful of prototypes were made; before life and sub-contract design jobs got in the way and the project went cold. Finally, in the summer of 2017 Fisher Instruments was born to build this (now called the Analog Signature Analyser – ASA) and a selection of other useful tools and instruments from the founders ‘back catalogue’.

In January 2018 our first product (the 389-2 Precision Voltage Reference) was released, with more products (including the ASA) to follow. Designed and built at our facility in Suffolk, UK with parts sourced from around the globe, our products are backed by a two-year warranty and lifetime customer support.

We look forward to providing you with innovative and useful tools and instruments in 2018.

– the Fisher Instruments team